Jianzhan 建盞

Jianzhan from the late Song Dynasty.

This bowl is known as a jianzhan, or 建盞 / 建盏 in Chinese. Specifically, it is called a hare's fur jianzhan, or 兔毫盞 / 兔毫盏, thus named for the appearance of rust-coloured streaks on the glaze, which resemble the fur of the hare.

I should probably write a proper post briefly introducing jianzhan and tenmoku in general — by far my favourite family of ceramic vessels — but the topic is very complex and I'm not sure if I'm ready to broach it yet.

Meanwhile, here are some photos showing some details of the tea bowl.

Personal Touch

There are many like it. But this one is mine.

File 22-9-15 2 16 46 pm.jpeg

Finally, a personalised Yixing zisha (宜興紫砂) teapot, made from zhusha (朱砂) clay. Inscribed on the bottom of the pot is the time it was made, followed by my name in Chinese.

As it appears, zhusha exists in a few subregions in Yixing, but it's apparently not as readily available as it was in the past. This teapot is fashioned using zhusha mined in the region of Hongwei.

I don't yet have details about the firing; I'll update when I hear from the potters.