A Pretty Special Dancong

It's a blooming fruit basket.

I'm not inclined to writing rave reviews of things I eat or drink, but this 2015 dancong oolong from Wudong mountain is something quite special.

Quiet, nuanced, and delicate, it opens with an upfront fragrance of white lilies, orange zest, and honey.

The second steep offers mango and banana on the cusp of ripeness. Plenty more follows on the third steep, with honeydew and figs on a backdrop of more mango and lychee.

With the fourth and fifth steeps, almonds, raisins, and candied winter melon strips come to the fore.

Subsequent brews show paling vigour — the fruits become less prominent, hanging instead like morning mist in the distance, but still persistent. For a tea that isn't augmented with flavourings and ingredients, this is really quite extraordinary.